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Advances in vision care happen every day. We at Hass Vision Center are committed to safeguarding our patient's ocular health by staying on the leading edge of eye care technology.





The state-of-the art iVue OCT (Optical Coherance Tomographer) Allows for incredibly detailed imaging of the cornea, macula, and retinal nerve fiber layer.  It's advanced ganglion cell complex scan aids in the early detection and monitoring of glaucoma.

Much like an MRI or ulrasound, OCT technology is an invaluble clinical tool which allows us to view living tissue in cross section and detect and monitor many conditions,











Sometimes vision loss can occur so gradually the patient will not notice it until significant loss has occurred. Using Humphrey visual field analyzers we can accurately evaluate a patients full visual field for anomalies.

Visual Fields




Our retinal camera allows us to digitally image the inside of the patient's eye to document and track disorders of the retina. Often without the need for dilation.

Retinal CameraRetinal Camera




Pachymetry is a quick, painless, non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound to measure corneal thickness. Recent studies have proven corneal thickness to be an important factor in the evaluation of Glaucoma.


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